Creative Worship


The first attribute we ever learn of God is him as creator. The first power we see him ever exhibiting is creative power (Gen 1:1). The first gift he gave to man was the ability to pro-create in marriage (Gen 1:27,28).

It’s safe to say that creativity is an integral part of God’s being and one he wants us to share with him. When God made us in his image he put parts of himself in our nature. The ability to love and be loved being one of the most important and also the ability to create. I believe the only reason God created anything is to be able to use it to worship him and for his glory ( Revelation 4:11)



Our creativity is something we can use to worship God.

This can come in so many different ways. Wether its art, design, photography, painting, building, whatever you can do.  And this brings me to creative worship.

Creative worship is something I’ve only just came across and started recently. My quiet time with God usually is done in the same way, even though my experience is different each time the procedure is the same. I usually get my bible, a notebook, pen, laptop etc and sit and read and do devotion, take notes etc. But I felt for quite some time that I wanted to be more creative and I always had the urge (aka the spirit led) to create while I was worshiping and I was confused for the longest time because didn’t understand what exactly that meant and how to go about it.

So one day I decided to just draw and ‘create’ while I was doing my devotion. I found myself singing and praying while I drew and made some ‘art’ pieces. I made some verse art and wrote down verses that I felt God speaking to me at that time. I painted and drew and it was almost like God was speaking to me through the art. I was worshipping him and he was creating back his response through these pieces it was amazing. I am not even great at drawing or painting not even in the slightest but I am creative, as we all are. We are all creatives because we are all made in the image of God.


So I just wanted to encourage you to do some creative worship whatever that looks like to you. Take your phone or camera and go for a prayer walk while taking creative pictures of nature and wonder and God’s beauty. Maybe read Genesis and draw out the different things God created and praise him for his wisdom, anything! It’s a great way of experiential worship and think outside the box.

This is something I love to do now once in a while and every time I just marvel at God and how gracious he is to gift us with such abilities and hints into his mind, nature and character, it truly is the Grace Effect!

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