Biblical Modesty

Sis, lets go there. MY STRUGGLE WITH MODESTY Modesty, it seems like it’s the word which shall not be said amongst christian women, right after Submission lol. Anyway, today I’m going to address this before I post any fashion posts because it is the reason for this section on my blog. Modesty is something I’ve … Continue reading Biblical Modesty

golden hour

What I love about fashion and style is the ability to express yourself. My choice of clothing says a lot about how I feel that day, how I WANT to feel and deeper still where my mind is at. When I feel my most creative, organised, motivated, I dress to reflect that. If I was … Continue reading golden hour

Clothing Comfort

I mentioned in my first outfit post that I love an outfit that makes me feel comfortable regardless of what style it is. There’s nothing worse than wearing something that looks amazing but you have to adjust something every few minutes or you just feel completely uncomfortable in it. For me my comfy outfit is … Continue reading Clothing Comfort