Clothing Comfort

I mentioned in my first outfit post that I love an outfit that makes me feel comfortable regardless of what style it is. There’s nothing worse than wearing something that looks amazing but you have to adjust something every few minutes or you just feel completely uncomfortable in it. For me my comfy outfit is a pair of good fitting jeans, a loose blouse and in winter: a warm coat with a pair of snug boots. Literally heaven!

TIP! People always ask me how I’m not cold in winter because i seem like Im just wearing little BUT I love invisible layers aka thermal wear. I always wear leggings under my jeans (When they aren’t too tight) and a thermal t-shirt under my blouses!


Everything I’m wearing here I bought in the Topshop January sale (except the Jeans).



Blouse – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop (Similar)




Literally everything about this outfit I LOVE! I’m not usually one to go for colour (literally my whole wardrobe is full on neutrals) but this coat was calling for me to g out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did.