golden hour

vsco-photo-3What I love about fashion and style is the ability to express yourself. My choice of clothing says a lot about how I feel that day, how I WANT to feel and deeper still where my mind is at. When I feel my most creative, organised, motivated, I dress to reflect that.

If I was to describe my style in a few words, it would be ‘WHATEVER FEELS COMFORTABLE’ my style can be sporty one day, chic, minimal, 90s, modern, hipster. Absolutely anything! it changes every day and like i said is heavily tied to my emotions on a particular day. As Long as I feel comfortable, I will wear it!


Top – Eggie

Because I’m striving to dress modestly, I always have to tweak some items to fit me. For example this top is a see through mesh and instead of just wearing it with a bra, I put a t-shirt inside instead. You can wear anything it’s just about making the right adjustments.

Jacket – Missguided



What would you describe your style as? and what are your favourite shops to shop in? Mine are ZARA, ASOS and sometimes Topshop. Nearly all my clothes are from these shops.



Trousers – Topshop

Shoes – Missguided

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