New year, new me?

Hi! its nice to meet you, I’m Petronellah aka ‘NellahGrace’.


I feel a new season of my life coming on and it’s going to be BIG, in every sense. One thing I know for sure is that I am going through a growth phase. As I write this my heart is pounding, with fear, excitement, awe, slight confusion but amongst all of that, a peace. A peace that only God can give because it’s him who is taking me through this growth phase.


In the last week A  LOT has changed in my life, everything I’ve known in my 20s has shifted and changed. It’s been hard, scary, emotional but necessary. This blog is the beginning of me, the Woman God intends me to be. A woman Chasing after God’s own heart.

Flowers are my symbol of growth, from a seed, they bloom and at their peak they are beautiful.

Your 20s are supposed to be for self discovery and learning and I guess that’s exactly what this blog will be. My journey or better yet God’s journey for me. I wan’t to share this with you because I know I will have a lot to give to help us grow together in all areas wether its fashion ,  Self Growth or Faith. I wan’t to share with you the amazing things God is doing in my life and it’s only because of his Grace.

This is the Grace Effect.